Familienplaner Pferdeglück 2020

The diary for the whole family

What makes these calendars special ...

Exklusive Einblicke: Du kannst Dich nicht nur an den tollen Motiven von Pferden verschiedener Rassen erfreuen, sondern auch auf jeder Rückseite der Monatsblätter spannende Geschichten zu den einzelnen Bildern lesen.

Dieser Kalender bietet viel Platz für alle möglichen Notizen – ein Terminkalender für die ganze Familie!
Er ist auch zum Träumen gemacht, zum Planen von vielen Dingen, Terminen und Aktivitäten – nicht nur rund um das Pferd. Jedes Motiv in diesem Familienplaner zeigt die besondere Ausstrahlung dieser herrlichen Wesen und man plant in Gedanken schon den nächsten Ausritt.

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ISBN: 978-3-96412-028-1
Format: 24 x 48 cm

Insights into the calendar

The traditional jewelry that is made in Arab countries for the most beautiful horses is made of brightly colored cotton from the Nile Delta. The jewelry is decorated with certain shells, which were not only used for decoration, but should also represent the wealth of the owner. In the desert, shells were used as money in ancient times because there was no silver or copper available and the shells in the desert were considered very valuable because the sea was far away. The stallion "Awwal Al Amaar" is the symbol of all beauty and elegance that you can only imagine with an Arabian stallion. He is one of the most successful stallions of the El Farida stud by the brothers Tarek and Ahmed Soliman in Cairo. This beautiful stud is now one of the leading breeding grounds for Arabian horses in Egypt. The noble "Awwal Al Ammar" has united the charisma of his ancestors to the best of himself.

Book about Linda Tellington-Jones

The fascinating life

of Linda Tellington-Jones

Exclusive insights: In this book you will learn a lot about the life of the Canadian horse and animal trainer Linda Tellington-Jones, who has become world famous thanks to her TTouch and TTEAM method.

This book does not focus on Linda's method but on Linda herself. In her eventful life she has gained a lot of experience and met numerous famous people all over the world on her travels. In this book, she tells of very special experiences, her work with wild animals and her very personal view of the world.

Find out what really shaped Linda's career towards her special method of helping animals and humans and get to know Linda Tellington-Jones from a completely different side. The texts are wonderfully illustrated and supplemented by the emotional and impressive images of the horse photographer Gabriele Boiselle, who has been close friends with Linda Tellington-Jones for many years.

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ISBN: 978-3-275-02065-2
Format: 24 x 29 cm

320 pages
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