Kalender Fascination 2020

The grace & beauty of
arabian horses

The most favorite calendar among the
collection by Gabriele Boiselle

What makes this calendar special ...

You can not only enjoy the great motifs of this calendar, but also take a look behind the scenes: Gabriele tells you exciting stories about the stud farms and horses on each back of the monthly sheets and gives you very personal insights into her life as a horse photographer.

Especially for this calendar, Gabriele Boiselle has returned to her roots as a horse photographer and visited famous stud farms and breeders in Egypt and Australia, with whom she shares the passion for Arabian horses.

Gabriele Boiselle published her first calendar on Arabian horses over 30 years ago. It became a real classic and has become a popular collector's item up to today. Arabian horses always play an important role in the life of Gabriele because she has lost her heart to them.

Let yourself be surprised and discover the fascinating world of Arabian horses in this unique calendar!

Calendar texts are in german and english.

Special: A large photo poster with an overview for 2020 on the back page is attached to each calendar  - especially for you to hang on your wall.
Format: 51 x 98 cm

Item number: 111
ISBN: 978-3-96412-019-9
Format: 62 x 58 cm


Insights into the calendar

The mare „myrthe“ with her colt „AA Meydan“ and mare „True Mahari“ of the Alassil Arabians Stud, Germany

Bettina von Kameke took over the Arabian breeding from her father-in-law Dobimar von Kameke, who was responsible for infecting the young lady with the Arabian-Horse Virus, which has maintained a firm grip on her ever since. We first met at the Grabau estate near Bad Oldesloe, and spontaneously became good friends. That was my first photo seminar, and I remember it very well. I was rather nervous and concerned that I may not be able to convey enough knowledge to the seminar participants. Bettina provided us with the most magnificent motifs. Superb grey Arabian horses galloped past a background of pink rhododendron hedges in full bloom, beautiful mares were presented as our models - and I packed my first seminar far too full with facts and photo motifs for the participants.

Bettina von Kameke breeds pure Egyptian bloodlines and has meanwhile moved further north in Schleswig-Holstein to the Friedensthal estate, with her small and select Alassil Arabian breeding stock. This location, with its extensive expanses of meadowland, is pure paradise for her horses. I love taking photographs with her there when the corn has been harvested and the horses are able to gallop across the vast stretches of golden-yellow fields.

In contrast to many other breeders of Arabian horses, Bettina is keen to ensure that her horses are also well trained in riding. She gives courses, is a trainer and judge for Arabian horses. All horses live on large run areas and are kept horse-friendly. Some stallions have also been trained for distance rides and have proven their good skills. The horses of the Al Assil Stud are not only beautiful Arabs, but also people-friendly and friendly partners for leisure riding and more.


On the road with Gabriele Boiselle.

Photobook about Arabian Horses

The Arabian Horses

The Arabian Horse

Anyone who has known the "Fascination" calendar for many years will rediscover many a motif in this large-format illustrated book, but there are also many new, unique pictures to see. Let yourself be taken on a fascinating journey around the world, always in the footsteps of the Arabian horses. Whether Australia, or America, Poland or Argentina, Germany or Spain, as well as Egypt and Jordan. Everywhere, the horse photographer Gabriele Boiselle was able to capture fascinating photos of special horse personalities. This book is a tribute to the Arabian horse. It wants to be presented on a table and flipped through again and again, it wants to inspire and to enchant you...

Item number: 529
ISBN: 978-2-80990-208-2
Format: 27 x 34 cm

320 pages
Price: € 49.90

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