I would like to show you my most favorite horse pictures of wonderful Friesians, elegant Arabian horses, Haflinger Ponies, Icelandic horses and many other horse personalities that I met on my trips and photo shoots!

Have fun watching!

Serengeti adventure

With this gallery I would like to take you on a ride through the Serengeti, which is roamed by hundreds of thousands of wildebeests, zebras and antelopes, a savannah landscape that is green in February and only gradually dries to a desert during the year. There you can experience a vastness whose sky seems infinite and which is populated by vultures, maraboos and thousands of birds.

Black pearls of Friesland

The elegant jet black Friesian horses with their long manes and feathery hair on their legs are real dream horses and are taking the hearts of numerous horse lovers around the world by storm. Do you also love Friesians and would you like to enjoy even more pictures of these very special horses? Then take a look at the small gallery with Gabriele Boiselle's favorite pictures of the most beautiful Friesians from all over the world.

Mountain horses from the Alps

Who doesn't know them, the small mountain horses from South Tyrol with their lush, blonde manes. Haflinger horses are friendly, full of character and extremely versatile. Generations of children have had their first experiences on horseback on a Haflinger horse. But also adults have succumbed to the charm of these adorable little horses.
Have fun looking at the pictures of the most beautiful blond horses from Tyrol.

Horses of a mystical volcanic island

Island – seine Landschaft, seine Menschen und nicht zuletzt die wundervollen Pferde haben eine Magie, der man kaum widerstehen kann. Seit Jahrzehnten zieht es mich immer wieder zurück auf diese einzigartige Insel, um zu fotografieren, denn man entdeckt dort immer wieder etwas Neues. Licht und Wetter wechseln schlagartig, man kann bei Sonne los reiten und am gleichen Tag in einen Schneesturm kommen. Mir liegt es am Herzen, diese besondere Faszination Islands in emotionalen Bildern einzufangen. Ebenso freut es mich sehr, mit der einheimische Fotografin und guten Kolbrún Grétarsdottir – genannt Kolla – seit vielen Jahren zusammenzuarbeiten.

Horses of the Iberian Peninsula

Whether “Pura Raza Española” or “Puro Sangue Lusitano”, all iberian horses have that special flair, the magic of a baroque king's horse: compact elegance and fiery temperament. The wonderfully large eyes reflect the unique character and enormous self-confidence of these noble horses. With their exuberant vitality, their flowing manes and their majestic appearance, they have captivated people for centuries. Anyone who has ever visited the "Feria del Caballo" in Jerez de la Frontera in Spain or the "Feira Nacional do Cavalo" in Golegã, Portugal, begins to understand that they are not only beautiful horses, but represent a whole riding culture, that has been preserved for centuries up to today.

Black Forest draught horse

To experience a Black Forest draught horse in full action is truly an event! When the dark chetsnut with their long, flowing manes are galloping full power and high spirits, the earth trembles and the atmosphere is full of energy. They show a temperament and elegance in their movements that you never have thought possible before.

Look forward to this wonderful picture gallery of the beautiful Black Forest draught horses!

Lipizzaner - horses of the emperors

The magnificent grey horses of the "Spanish Riding School" in Vienna are famous all over the world. Their impressive jumps above the earth like the Capriole are exercises of the high art of baroque riding. The Riding School tours all over the world  and always thrills thousands of people with its woderful horse shows. When a Lipizzaner foal is born, it is not white but dark brown and spends its childhood in the protection of a big herd on the endless pastures of the Austrian state stud Piber. There they can spend their youth in freedom before their career as stars of the riding school begins.

The fascination of Arabian horses

Do you love Arabian horses and would you like to see more pictures of Gabriele Boiselle's last photo trips to Australia and Egypt? Then look forward to this small picture gallery with pictures from the photo shoots and from the stud farms, which also created the motifs of the FASCINATION calendar!

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