Buch - Haupt- und Landgestüt Marbach

500 years of Marbach

Marbach is unique! It is a State Stud that not only looks back on 500 years of horse breeding, but also impresses with its modernity and liveliness. It is a world of its own, in which horses and people harmonize, in which the welfare of the horses is paramount. It is a place that many people visit to experience horses up close. Marbach is also an institution where first-class sport horses are bred and a training center for many professional riders. In this book, the photographer Gabriele Boiselle captured in emotional pictures and sensitive texts what Marbach is all about, interweaving history and the present in an interesting way. It is a narrative illustrated book with many details, which allows the reader to look behind the scenes of everyday stud farm work, with portraits of stud horses and people working there for generations. A state stud was rarely portrayed closer and more sensitively.

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ISBN: 978-3-275-01964-9
Format: 30 x 32 cm

288 pages
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What is special about  this book ...

"... Marbach also won my profound affection 20 years ago and since then I have returned time and time again to the stud. On each of these numerous visits I try to capture the special charm of Marbach with my camera: a close-knit community in which humans and horses live and work together in a unique atmosphere. Marbach is a unique arrangement of wonderful countryside, historical buildings, magnificent horses and people‘s love of horses which – after all – is the bonding and nurturing force behind the whole concept. I shall always continue to render homage to Marbach with my pictures and try to convey to all people why a place like Marbach is of such crucial importance to society as a whole – and will also remain so in years to come. ..." Gabriele Boiselle

Marbach is not just a state stud, it is a place full of tradition, a true European cultural asset and a paradise for horses. The book offers you a personal look behind the scenes of the oldest German state stud by means of personal texts from many stud employees.

Discover the beauty of Marbach and its horses in all four seasons. Wonderful pictures show the lives of horses and people in the various stud farms and outbuildings in Marbach. 500 years of breeding magnificent and noble Arabian horses, mighty Black Forest draught horses and successful sport horses worldwide. This book takes you to a special place that continues a great tradition and is shaped by the love of the horse. Discover the horse paradise of the Swabian Jura in this book and let yourself be enchanted.

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